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Claytons Kola Tonic 750ml
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Claytons Kola Tonic 750ml

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Claytons is an exotic, Caribbean made tonic, originally created by the Clayton brothers in Battersea, London England circa 1880. Now made in Barbados and distributed around the world, Claytons has retained its mystical allure for well over 100 years. Claytons Kola Tonic contains the Kola Nut of West Africa, long known as a mild stimulant and widely claimed to revive the body from a variety of ailments. This Non – Alcoholic/Zero – Proof tonic is a refreshing, invigorating drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of combinations or by itself.


 The journey began in the 1800s when the Claytons Brothers of Battersea sought to create an alluring blend that will be unmatched in both flavour and mystique. It was a quest for the exotic that led them towards the west coast of Africa. It was there they discovered the enigmatic power of the African Kola nut.


 It was in the kola nut, with its reputation as an aphrodisiac, that the Claytons Brothers found the secrets to reducing fatigue, hunger and indigestion. The result was a blend, full-bodied and refreshing, that is as alluring and magnetic as those who drink it. It was the birth of a non-alcoholic drink of international fame with origins in England, strong ties to West Africa and delicately bottled in Barbados. A tonic capable of raising people, and mixes, to the next level.


Claytons Website


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 Join the legion of Claytons fans across the world experiencing the seductive power of the kola nut extract in the Claytons Kola Bitters, Claytons Kola Kick energy drink and the unrivaled, Claytons Kola Tonic.


Boosts Metabolism

Improves Digestion

Improves Vitality.





Kola Nut.


European Distributer, BR Foods, Athens, Greece.

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