Our Store & Opening Hours

Our Store's Address:

Tzavella 27,


Athens, Greece.

Post code: 15231.

Tel: 2130 246012

Email address: info@brfoods.gr 



Our Store - Information:


  • We are a British Products convenience store situated in the Northern Suburbs of Athens, Greece.
  • BR Foods opened shop in 2012 with the objective of getting the British & Russian community living in Athens and beyond, to engage in our business so we can continually learn and grow as to the needs of our customers.
  • The Idea for such a store in these testing times was the brainchild of George Miaoulis.
  • A Born Scotsman from Edinburgh of Greek origin, living in Athens since 1987.
  • "After many years of living in Greece trying to source all the foodies or goodies I missed & loved to eat, I got sick and tired of begging friends and family to bring stuff over by the suitcase when visiting Greece. Why not open a store? I asked myself, I'm sure others would appreciate the fact that original British Foods could be found on their doorstep? "
  • And so the BR Foods story begins..
  •                                                                      Christmas & New years opening hours. 


Tuesday the 24th Dec, 09.30 to 14.00. 

25th & 26th Dec closed.

Sunday the 29th Dec, 09.30 to 14.00. 

Tuesday 31st Dec, 09.30 to 14.00. 

Wednesday 1st of January to the 8th of January closed. 


Usual Opening Hours: 



Mon -  09:30-14:15   - LUNCH BREAK  -17:30-20:00                                                      

Tues -  09:30-14:15  - LUNCH BREAK  -17:30-20:00                                                        

Wed -  09:30-14:15  - LUNCH BREAK  -17:30-20:00                                                        

Thur -  09:30-14:15  - LUNCH BREAK  -17:30-20:00                                                        

Fri  -    09:30-14:15  - LUNCH BREAK  -17:30-20:00                                                        

Sat  -   09:30-14:00  - CLOSED.                                                                                          

Sun      -    Sorry, Closed all day.