Cadbury  Small Selection Box / Pouch
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Cadbury Small Selection Box / Pouch

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5 of your favourite Cadbury classics including Buttons, Curly Wurly, Crunchie, Chomp and Fudge. The perfect stocking filler for little kids, big kids and the kid in you. Unwrap the joy of Christmas this year with Cadbury. Suitable for vegetarians. Fudge - Fudge Covered with Milk Chocolate (24%) Dairy Milk Buttons Treatsize - Milk Chocolates Crunchie Treatsize - Milk Chocolate with Golden Honeycombed Centre (40%) Curly Wurly Treatsize - Milk Chocolate with Caramel Centre (69%) Chomp - Milk Chocolate with a Caramel Centre (70%) By Appointment to H.M. The Queen Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacturers Cadbury UK Ltd., Bournville. Fairtrade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries to invest in their businesses and communities for a sustainable future. Visit Cadbury World Have you visited Cadbury World yet? It's great fun for all the family, with lots of new features to see and do. Reservations advised. Call U.K. 0844 880 7667 or visit Cadbury Gifts Direct Gift ideas from Cadbury? visit or order by phone 0845 600 3113

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Allergy Advice

  • May Contain Eggs
  • Contains Milk
  • May Contain Nuts
  • Contains Soya\Soybeans
  • Contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter

Nutrition for Fudge

  • Energy1875 kJ Per 100g480 kJ Per Bar (25.5g)
  • 445 kcal Per 100g115 kcal Per Bar (25.5g)
  • Fat15g Per 100g3.8g Per Bar (25.5g)
  • of which Saturates6.6g Per 100g1.7g Per Bar (25.5g)
  • Carbohydrate75g Per 100g19g Per Bar (25.5g)
  • of which Sugars64.5g Per 100g16.5g Per Bar (25.5g)
  • Fibre0.6g Per 100g0.1g Per Bar (25.5g)
  • Protein2.5g Per 100g0.6g Per Bar (25.5g)
  • Salt0.25g Per 100g0.06g Per Bar (25.5g)

Nutrition for Dairy Milk Buttons Treatsize

  • Energy2215 kJ Per 100g320 kJ Per Bar (14.4g)
  • 530 kcal Per 100g75 kcal Per Bar (14.4g)
  • Fat30.5g Per 100g4.4g Per Bar (14.4g)
  • of which Saturates18.5g Per 100g2.7g Per Bar (14.4g)
  • Carbohydrate56.5g Per 100g8.1g Per Bar (14.4g)
  • of which Sugars56g Per 100g8.1g Per Bar (14.4g)
  • Fibre0.7g Per 100g0.1g Per Bar (14.4g)
  • Protein7.6g Per 100g1.1g Per Bar (14.4g)
  • Salt0.23g Per 100g0.03g Per Bar (14.4g)

Nutrition for Crunchie Treatsize

  • Energy1935 kJ Per 100g340 kJ Per Bar (17.5g)
  • 460 kcal Per 100g80 kcal Per Bar (17.5g)
  • Fat16g Per 100g2.8g Per Bar (17.5g)
  • of which Saturates9.8g Per 100g1.7g Per Bar (17.5g)
  • Carbohydrate74.5g Per 100g13g Per Bar (17.5g)
  • of which Sugars65g Per 100g11.5g Per Bar (17.5g)
  • Fibre1.4g Per 100g0.3g Per Bar (17.5g)
  • Protein3.5g Per 100g0.6g Per Bar (17.5g)
  • Salt0.75g Per 100g0.13g Per Bar (17.5g)

Nutrition for Curly Wurly Treatsize

  • Energy1900 kJ Per 100g265 kJ Per Bar (14g)
  • 450 kcal Per 100g65 kcal Per Bar (14g)
  • Fat17g Per 100g2.4g Per Bar (14g)
  • of which Saturates7.8g Per 100g1.1g Per Bar (14g)
  • Carbohydrate70.5g Per 100g9.9g Per Bar (14g)
  • of which Sugars48.5g Per 100g6.8g Per Bar (14g)
  • Fibre0.7g Per 100g0.1g Per Bar (14g)
  • Protein3.3g Per 100g0.5g Per Bar (14g)
  • Salt0.23g Per 100g0.03g Per Bar (14g)

Nutrition for Chomp

  • Energy1955 kJ Per 100g460 kJ Per Bar (23.5g)
  • 465 kcal Per 100g110 kcal Per Bar (23.5g)
  • Fat19.5g Per 100g4.6g Per Bar (23.5g)
  • of which Saturates10g Per 100g2.4g Per Bar (23.5g)
  • Carbohydrate69g Per 100g16g Per Bar (23.5g)
  • of which Sugars48g Per 100g11g Per Bar (23.5g)
  • Fibre0.7g Per 100g0.2g Per Bar (23.5g)
  • Protein3g Per 100g0.7g Per Bar (23.5g)
  • Salt0.25g Per 100g0.06g Per Bar (23.5g)


Mondelez UK, Po Box 7008, Birmingham, B30 2PT. Mondelez Ireland, Malahide Road, Coolock, Dublin 5.


  • Type Heat Sealed

Additional Information

Fudge Each 25.5g serving contains Energy 480 kJ 115 kcal 6%, Fat 3.8g 5%, Saturates 1.7g 9%, Sugars 16.5g 18%, Salt 0.06g 1% Per 100g 1875 kJ 445 kcal Dairy Milk Buttons Treatsize Each 14.4g serving contains Energy 320 kJ 75 kcal 4%, Fat 4.4g 6%, Saturates 2.7g 14%, Sugars 8.1g 9%, Salt 0.03g 1% Per 100g 2215 kJ 530 kcal Crunchie Treatsize Each 17.5g serving contains Energy 340 kJ 80 kcal 4%, Fat 2.8g 4%, Saturates 1.7g 9%, Sugars 11.5g 13%, Salt 0.13g 2% Per 100g 1935 kJ 460 kcal Curly Wurly Treatsize Each 14g serving contains Energy 265 kJ 65 kcal 3%, Fat 2.4g 3%, Saturates 1.1g 6%, Sugars 6.8g 8%, Salt 0.03g 1% Per 100g 1900 kJ 450 kcal Chomp Each 23.5g serving contains Energy 460 kJ 110 kcal 5%, Fat 4.6g 7%, Saturates 2.4g 12%, Sugars 11g 12%, Salt 0.06g 1% Per 100g 1955 kJ 465 kcal It may be necessary on occasions to vary the contents of this box if any of the products listed are not available at the time of packing. In this event the allergen information may differ, therefore please refer to information on individual products for details.


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